Since 2015 we’ve worked with Rhythm & Vines to reposition the brand and reclaim their position as New Zealand’s premier music festival & NYE event.

Each year the R&V logo has been reimagined as a container logo that could adapt to tell different stories and convey different emotions by using an emoji in place of the ampersand.

2017 marked the 15th anniversary of the festival and a retrospective exhibition for the event. This was communicated visually using reflected typography and the sunglasses emoji.

Our goal was to build a brand that would capture the range of emotions and experiences of the festival and engage with their core audience in a meaningful way to build brand loyalty.

In 2016 the identity featured the sun emoji, hot colours and cascading typography as Gisborne in New Zealand is the first place in the world to see the sun rise in the New Year.

Each year the identity has been updated with a new emoji logo, new colours and new layouts to strike the balance in maintaining brand awareness while staying fresh and relevant.

Today tickets are selling out faster than ever before with strong brand awareness and loyalty. Rhythm & Vines continues to push the boundaries in creating a world class festival showcasing top international and local talent.

"Through their guidance, passion and vision, OMSE invigorated our brand story and developed refreshing ideas that made us stand out amongst the noise as an innovative, world class live entertainment brand."

Kyle Bell, Head of Marketing, R&V