DOJA is the result of native botanicals from Japan and India being mixed together to create the worlds first Indojapanese gin. A relationship which also inspired our name, taken from the larger word In(doja)panese.

Our visual identity brings this idea to life with a logo which is a mix up of Japanese, English and Devanagari languages.


The system then builds on this idea with ingredients, type, illustration and photography mixed up in different ways to create a variety of interesting layouts.

We can mix type with type to create punchy statements or headlines that can be understood in more than one language.

Type can also be mixed with illustration to help

It was very fun to work on this project with OMSE. Being a design freak myself, I was happy to say involved throughout the creative process. The whole team were amazing to work with and the process was very smooth.

Jai Anand, Founder