Woods & Warner


Designers In The City was established in 2007 and it’s no-secret that founders Jacinta Woods and Sonia Warner were fans of Sex In The City at the time. As the business developed they started to outgrow the brand, so it felt appropriate as they reached the 10 year period to re-brand themselves, as well, themselves.

Woods and Warner presentation template

When we sat down with Woods and Warner what became clear was how much importance they placed on forming a collaborative relationship with their clients. Where other interior designers saw an opportunity to apply their own house style to a new project, Woods and Warner saw an opportunity to work together with the client and the space to create a unique outcome and for each project. As a result they had developed a diverse portfolio of residential interior design not defined by any one style. Our identity was built on this idea of reflecting character to represent how they worked with each other, the client and the space. This was executed with two headline typefaces which complemented each other but also felt stylistically different, and a reflecting graphic system used to contain information.

We are currently helping Woods & Warner bring the brand to life across various touch points we will feature in full case study soon!