Pause. UMM. Play.


It’s not everyday that you get to work a brand name so colloquial, everyone is already using it without even thinking.

UMM – initially an acronym for Use My Mind – was born as a public relations agency based in Sydney. Over the past ten years their capabilities and clients have diversified as they have transformed into a fully integrated communications agency. They approached us to help look at the name and redefine their brand positioning.

UMM website

After initially setting out to rename the agency, it was decided to embrace the existing name and make it integral to how they spoke about the business and what made them special. We challenged perceptions around the name and focused on how UMM is used to connect sentences or moments of thought. This also helped them describe how they worked with their clients to help them develop and make integrated connections.

The unique onomatopoeic logo was formed by combining the U, M & M together to further communicate the idea of connection.

A full case study is coming soon!