A collaboration Ralph Matthews

Rhythm 2016 launch video


What represents good vibes, the height of summer, and being the first place with in the world to see in the new year - the sun!

After the success of last year’s rebrand we are again working with Rhythm and Vines to develop the brand and solidify it’s position as New Zealand’s premier music festival. Located on the most eastern point of New Zealand, Gisborne is the first place in the world to see the sun rise on the new year so we did our salutations and placed the sun at the center of this years brand identity.

Chance the Rapper




An energetic new typographic expression, hot summer colours palette and the ubiquitous Rhythm emojis have come together with a stellar lineup and marketing strategy to get people excited about seeing out 2016.

The lineup launch video received over 100k hits in the first 24hrs and heated up ticket sales to break records set last in last year’s campaign. Stay tuned for a full case study.