Rhythm & Vines


In 2015 New Zealand’s premier music festival underwent a transition towards offering a more boutique experience to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive landscape. We worked with the Rhythm group to help develop and reposition the event.

Our goal was to build a contemporary brand that would capture the range of emotions and experiences of the festival and allow the brand to speak to their core audience in their own language.

Dynamic container logo

An adaptable system for different messages and mediums

Our solution incorporated custom emojis and a unique tone of voice that took reference from messaging language and syntax to resonate with the target market.

The R&V logo was reimagined as a container logo that could adapt to tell different stories and convey different emotions. The system took advantage of the recent change allowing emojis to be used in hashtags on social media platforms. This provided a platform for a highly flexible marketing campaign that worked across social media, digital, print and outdoor advertising.

The bold use of typography and custom emoji illustrations created a unique visual identity that translated easily into popular event merchandise and visual graphics.

We created an animated launch video that bought the brand to life and informed motion graphics at the event. The launch video received over 40k hits and was widely shared on social media.

A collaboration Nicolo Bianchino

“Through their guidance, passion and vision, OMSE invigorated our brand story and developed refreshing ideas that made us stand out amongst the noise as an innovative, world class live entertainment brand.”
Kyle Bell

Head of Marketing

The visual system was applied across event signage, stage scrim designs, programs and wristbands to create a seamless festival experience.

The reinvigorated brand together with a boutique experience and lineup helped push the festival to sell out and ensure the event remained New Zealand's premier music festival.

Event graphics

Festival program